viVOS - Artframe for creative learning

Mantra Lingua's viVOS Artframe, the device that lets you play audio from
your paper drawings!

Take any A4 or A3 paper and draw with ordinary pencils, pens, or paints. Collage with glitter, sandpaper, foil... anything really... to create a multi-sensory learning experience.  Everything from graphs, diagrams, maps, photos, and paintings, whether printed or hand-drawn, can be enhanced with sound. Create your multimedia publication in minutes– no programming required. Tap with fingers anywhere on the paper to record and playback! It's as easy as that.

"I've had a look at your videos and I love the idea of the viVOS artframe. It looks really simple to use, for both teachers and students. I can see immediate applications for all learners, regardless of what they are learning or what challenges they face. First of all, the novelty of the device would be quite exciting for the learners, keeping them motivated. They would probably feel they have more control over their learning, which is usually a good thing. "

Any soundspot can hold 3 levels of content: self-recording, pre-recorded mp3 files, and lastly, playback of pre-recorded mp3 files in different languages!

viVOS Artframe does not need a computer. Just tap with fingers to record and listen.

Here are a few more examples, but the drawings and audio recordings can be endless.



(Tell the Time, Somali Family Migration 4 page Audio Graphic Novel, Follow the Galaxy, Roman Ablutions, Understanding Punctuation,
English Nursery Rhymes, Bird Songs and Calls, Caution while Crossing Road, Farm Animals, WW2 Evacuation....)

The possibilities are endless: just draw and record.

Pupils can work on projects collaboratively, or viVOS can be used singly, or with TAs for SEND or EAL.
The whole process is nearly instant with minimal learning or training. It's as easy as playing the traditional Battleships® - just replace ships with audio files! Your drawings can be instantaneous; no need to be precious. There is so much free content on the web - print out PDFs and record onto them. Download podcasts, birdsong, and music, and organise them on your paper. Record your voice and change as often as you wish. Nothing has to be saved, but if you like what you have done, you can share it with others. It's ideal for MFL resource-making, EAL languages, and of course SEN with the tactile dimension. It's ideal also for literacy as a simple device to recite poems, with intonation and enunciation.

Click here to download all the publications for free.
Or share your publications with other schools and institutions.

The viVOS Artframe is robust. It is portable and ideal for busy classrooms. Dropped, stacked, or splashed with water, viVOS will rise to the occasion. And it's made in the UK. Flexible, intuitive, and fun; enter a world of endless possibility, with viVOS - the Artframe for creative learning.
Make your publications in minutes, where computers will take take days!

If you wish to have pre-recorded audio - narrations, sound effects, music - use the simple viVOS Software. Just load your picture and define the sound spots. It's just like playing the children's game Battleships®.


Patent: Mantra Lingua's viVOS Artframe is patent-protected (GB2519127A).


  • Measures 55 x 42 x 2.5 cm and weighs 1.5 kgs
  • 4GB of memory
  • Can accommodate any paper size up to A3
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Water-resistant, high-impact ABS structural foam body
  • Inbuilt speakers and microphone
  • Headphone, microphone, and USB ports
  • Wi-Fi dongle included

A single unit of  viVOS Artframe with the viVOS Software costs £150.00 plus vat

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