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This is a ViVOS publication showing the sounds of Spring!
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Properties and Changes of material

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U.S. States Quiz

This is a game from which you will learn the names of States in the United States of America (USA), what they are particularly well known for, where they are, etc. Just printout the pdf on an A3 printer or photocopier and play. Touch any state to hear its name. How many states are there? Then touch game, and the question will be asked, "Where do oranges grow and famous wines come from?".... You will be surprised how quickly you can name states and their locations. By the end your familiarity with the USA will have increased enormously.
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Valentine's Day

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Chinese New Year

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All about the Canadian Provinces and Territories

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Canadian Provinces and Territories

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Counting to 20 English/Polish

Practise counting from 1 to 20. Hear the numbers spoken both in English and Polish.At the touch of a finger record the pupils counting and test their number recognition skills.Ideal for 4-6 year olds.
Binary Data 2053_Count to 20 Polish.tp1
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Counting to 20

Count from 1 to 20 with this fun viVOS activity. Can you count in 2s?Hear the numbers spoken and even record the pupils saying the numbers. For example, if your pupils speak more than one language why not record them counting in their home language?  
Binary Data 2052_Let's Count to 20.tp1
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Farm Animals

Listen to the names of the farm animals and some simple facts.Listen to where the animals live and then see if you can remember who lives where?Record yourself making the sounds of the animals or your own facts.Ideal for Early Years.
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