Can you add sound to any book? To any poster? To anything?

With PENpal Talking Pen you can!

vIVOS enables Visually Impaired children to see paintings, maps, diagrams and more. Click the picture below to watch a video.

So simple, so intuitive. This handheld device can record onto sticky labels, laundry labels, even books. Each recordable sticky label can hold 60 minutes' audio. Labels help in organising and adapting to the immediate environment. Use the PENpal for kinaesthetic learning; it can help dyscalculic and dyslexic children with visual timetables and study skills. Use it for drama therapy with role-play, mime, and acting. Use it with story cards to check logical sequencing and comprehension skills. PENpal comes with 2 rechargeable batteries, 100 free recordable stickers, and four free software programmes that give you freedom to make your own audiobooks. PENpal costs £80.00. To ORDER please click here.

We supply the RNIB with ‘PENfriend’. This enables partially-sighted people to make audible labels for food cans, CD collections, medicine boxes and so on. Our labels are made to survive a laundry cycle, so they can also go on clothes!



The viVOS ARTframe

Touch any paper with your finger, speak to record, touch again to playback. viVOS adds sound to your paper artwork easily. Add tactiles, photos, glitter, collages… and listen! Make publications 'on the hoof’ and help to promote voice communication and sound tolerance. You can stimulate self-expression through art and increase tactile tolerance. Use with story boards (free from Mantra) and add audio to test comprehension and story- telling abilities. Use with ‘swell paper’ to guide Vis to sound spots or for dyspraxic children to gather information easily.  ViVOS costs £150.00. To ORDER please click here. viVOS comes with free software that works like the boardgame “Battleships”. Click video to see here.

Dual-Language Books that speak! Record your voice on every page!

Over 1300 books, including Board Books, Big Books, Picture books, Dictionaries and posters that speak! You can record your voice on every page. Use audio ‘recordable assessment sheets’ to monitor progress and collect children’s voices, make your own spelling word lists suitable for any child. Make ‘text to speech’ versions of any book or make your own phonics books/posters for individual needs. Use home language audios for assessments… Talking Books cost from £8.50 including sound files.


Ballu ‘Talking’ Bear

Ballu Bear is a soft toy with a difference! Tap a ‘sound card’ on Ballu’s nose and listen. Ballu is a cuddly alternative to PENpal. He works with CD sized cards that you create or share with others. Access the vast range of pictures and artwork from the web. Print out and stick to any card and make your own recordings on any topic.  Use Ballu for communication, especially for reluctant speakers, and for testing sound tolerance. The ease of use is great for dyspraxic children. Ballu could also be a substitute for authority to manage behaviour. He comes with 5 self-recording cards, and costs £120.00.

e-Books for Whiteboards, iPads, Android and Smartphones…


Mantra Lingua has over 500 e-books in its library. This wonderful resource builds multi-modality in learning through stories. English text is highlighted while the home language is narrated by native speakers.  The expandable fonts and keyword highlighting help dyslexic children. Teacher-made notes are retained electronically for each child. Work with the equivalent printed book to check voice recordings and audio notes. The strong visuals with videos can hold attention of children with ADHD. Include parents to continue learning in a fun way at home on iPads, Android, laptops, and computers.

'Super Hero': a new development in community publishing


"Add your child's name and photos as part of this book that talks to a child with autism"

This is a world first. Using the free YOUcreate software, you can edit this paperback book so that your child becomes a 'Super Hero'. There is a mirror on the last page to add to the fun and of course, like all our books, you can record your voice on every page. Then order the printed copy of this 20-page softback book (about £15) and receive also a free e-book version of your book to email to family and friends.



At Mantra Lingua, we strive to increase accessibility to learning for pupils with a range of special educational needs. We create assistive technologies that encourage social interaction and communication, and create a multi-sensory learning experience.

Mantra Lingua is a founder member of the British Assistive Technology Association and a member of both the British Dyslexia Association and NASEN. Our products are suitable for a range of additional communication, learning, and interaction needs, including, but not limited to:

  • Visual impairment (VI)
  • Hearing impairment (HI)
  • Multi-sensory impairment (MSI)
  • Speech, language, and communication needs (SLCN)
  • Behavioural, emotional, and social difficulties (BESD)
  • Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
  • Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)
  • Specfic learning difficulties, such as Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, and Dyscalculia
  • Physical disabilites that can hinder communication, such as cerebral palsy