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All dual language editions of this book are TalkingPEN enabled, see FreeLINK for available audio.

Have you ever eaten sushi and noodles? How about rice and peas with goat curry? Meet eleven children from around the world and find out about their favourite foods. Discover how Polish bigos are made and how Abeba's family serve injera, then try making some at home! What is your favourite food and where does it come from?

Mantra Lingua's Our Lives, Our World series of dual language books helps young readers to widen their horizons and to develop a tolerant worldwide perspective by introducing them to diverse cultures, traditions and lifestyles. Simple, repetitive sentence structures and basic vocabulary make these titles useful for building verbal communication skills.  An essential cross-curricular resource for teaching EAL, Citizenship and PSHE, each title in this series includes a key words and activities section for use in the classroom.