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My Bilingual Talking Dictionary is a traditional picture dictionary that has a very special added extra. You can LISTEN to any word in your home language and in English. You can also listen to the word spoken in an English sentence. What's more you can also practice your pronunciation by recording your voice on the printed word or its corresponding picture. Have a look at the video that shows how remarkably effective this is with PENpal. Touch each word to hear a native speaker repeat the word to you. Perfect your pronunciation & intonation.

All language editions of this book are PENpal enabled. To load the audio onto your pen, visit the software section of our website and download FreeLINK onto your desktop. Open the program to be guided through the processf updating your pen with audio.

The TalkingPEN edition of the best-selling pictorial dual language talking dictionary gives learners instant access to over 650 widely used words, spoken by native speakers. These are sorted into 34 themes: Myself, House and Contents, Classroom, Playground, Town, Road Safety, Weather, Time, Day, Numbers, Opposites, Seaside, Colours, Family, Wild Animals, Fruit, Vegetables, Meal Time, Farm Animals, Computers, Dressing Up, School Bag, Toys and Games, Sport, Music, Space, Months of the Year, Family, Clothes... Simply touch the word with the TalkingPEN and hear it spoken either in English or the language of your choice. You can also practise your pronunciation by recording yourself onto each soundspot or record the word in the context of a sentence.

This is an ideal dual language resource for new arrivals with limited English (EAL) as well as MFL students. You need to purchase a PENpal to hear the audio.