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LinguaTALK Spanish

An interactive toolkit for teaching KS2 Spanish with confidence and ease by Clare Seccombe

LinguaTALK Spanish is a multi-sensory structure language course that enables children to progress from word level to text level with confidence. It is fully compliant with the new Programmes of Study for KS2 languages. Ideal for the non-specialist teacher as it gives a native-speaker model to follow in a structured learning process. Also for the specialist teacher who may want to enrich her repertoire with new activities.

Clare is a Spanish and French Primary Languages teacher and MFL consultant. She is well known for her imaginative approach to language learning and is on the Primary Languages Special Interest Group of ALL (Association of Language Learning)


  • 2 A3 BIG BOOKS with AUDIO by native speakers introducing core vocabulary through 31 topics. Pupils can listen to new vocabulary and practise pronunciation with PENpal until they are confident
  • Sound enabled interactive activities and games on every page to reinforce learning
  • Sound enabled writing frames to support pupils in their writing
  • Teachers Handbook
  • 2 PENpals fully loaded with audio content
  • Storyfold Paper to create own Talking Mini-books and flashcards using Mini-book Creator software
  • Voice recordable stickers for labelling objects and dice
  • Spanish/English Dictionary with audio on every word
  • Sound enabled A3 EU MAP with audio descriptions
  • CD ROMs:
    • E-version of resources for IWB
    • Mouse-over Spanish text on charts to see English translation - to support the non-specialist teacher
    • Thematic songs
    • Mini-book Creator Software for creating talking stories. Software includes El Hombre de Jengibre (The Gingerbread Man) in simplified Spanish text as well as 3 stories for teachers to adapt with their own text.
    • Picture bank on various themes for teachers to make their own talking flashcards
    • Videos: Introduction by Clare Seccombe & Use of LinguaTALK Spanish in primary classrooms

“Pupils will enjoy learning in a totally different way - where digital audio and interactive games are brought to paper. The LinguaTALK Toolkit allows teachers and pupils to apply their learning by making their own voice recordable flashcards, mini-books, posters to build speaking skills.”

Clare Seccombe