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This classic story about the true meaning of friendship is now narrated in Arabic and English. For those less familiar with English, we recommend that they enjoy the story in Arabic and understand what is happening. Next we suggest looking at the video and listening in English just to familiarise themselves with the sound of English. Then we suggest that they take each page in turn. Click on the English text and listen to the sound of the highlighted word. 
The main point is to enjoy building the English vocabulary in a fun way. Listen and play the many activities, such as Flash Cards, Label the Parts, Video Questions.... which are designed to help you succeed in building vocabulary in the context of the story.

Watch this video to appreciate this versatile book.
For Parental enjoyment and engagement with their child's learning, we recommend that they also watch the book, "Reading Together in English". Sharing books with young children and engaging them is a skill. This book is written by teaching consultants after extensive trials with Parents who are new to English.