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There are many books about Diwali but this one is different. The main character is Deepak, a boy in today's Britain and not Ram or Sita or Ravana.

Bring Diwali alive by experiencing it through Deepak’s eyes as he gets spooked by Ravana - at home, on the way to school, in school... Hear the story read page by page in different languages and English.

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A great book that explains the 'festival of lights' and the 'Ram and Sita' story. Teachers and parents will find the easy to make delicious recipe's a treat for the classroom or on 'International days'. Children can try making their own rangoli pattern from the suggested designs in the book. They could also use the recordable stickers to make their own talking Diwali cards and posters.

Each Diwali Pack contains: - 1 PENpal TalkingPEN - 1 Deepak’s Diwali (in English with either  Benali, French, Gujarati, Malayalam, Nepali, Panjabi, Polish, Spanish, Tamil or Urdu) - 1 Set of Talking Stickers - FREE language sound files (Download FreeLINK software from our website to access all our audio files). The free CreateLINK software allows you to sound enable any book in any language and the YOUcreate software will enable you to make your own talking posters in minutes. (See the video on 'How To' in the homepage)

Click add to cart and save £20. Since you are a school, you do not have to pay in advance, the invoice will be with the books. Please tell us the language you would like when you place your order. You can do so right at the end of the ordering process, as shown in this image: