Walking Through The Jungle

'Floating on the ocean, what do you see? I think I see a whale, chasing after me.'

Join this fearless young explorer trekking across deserts, climbing up mountains and swimming in the sea in this dual language book. Along the way you'll discover weird and wonderful creatures, but will you make it home in time for tea?

Fans of Eric Carle's 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear…' will love Debbie Harter's take on the 'What Do You See?' story. Early readers will enjoy spotting exotic animals and learning new animal sounds. Hordes of colourful animals crowd the pages of this vibrantly illustrated adventure story, making it ideal for reading aloud with groups.


Mantra is proud to announce that we are printing this title in Mandarin, Burmese, Sgaw Karen, Dari, Pashto, Lithuanian and Vietnamese.

New language editions will be available from the middle of May 2015