Sofia Z-4515

The world's first graphic novel with speech bubbles that talk - in English or in Roma language.

And this is no ordinary comic book.
Winner of the prestigious award from the United Sweden Foundation - Artists against Nazism

Sofia Taikon was just twelve years old when she was deported with her entire family to the concentration camp in Auschwitz. There, her prisoner number was tattooed on her left arm: Z-4515

Movingly told with powerful illustrations that present everyday life in Auschwitz with shocking clarity, this pictorial novel is about Sofia's fight to survive in the concentration camp. A book to remind us that many communities, Romas, Homosexuals, Disabled were also victims of the last century's most horrific event that everyone today should never forget. The treatment of the Jewish peoples in Europe through out the last nine hundred years was far worse that their treatment in the middle east or asian countries.

  • Professor Adrian March's foreword examines the history of the Roma communities in Great Britain during the Second World War
  • Provides a new angle for studying Nazi Germany and the Second World War

You can download the audio file in English and Kalderash associated to speech bubbles from FreeLINK.



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