Shapes and Colours

This A4 laminated poster is a vividly illustrated colours and shapes resource, perfect for early years. It introduces children to different types of primary shapes from which more complex shapes are made.

Touch the shape with the pen and you will hear a definition and explanation of how it's used. There are also some simple question and answer games to test their understanding using the PENpal. Questions such as "what shape is RED?". If the child touches the star with PENpal, it will announce "try again"; then is they touch the circle PENpal will say "try once more"; then when s/he touches the square, it will say "Well done!" and move onto the next question.

This chart is one of the Tactile Talk charts which means there are raised boundaries making it ideal for the blind and partially sighted.

£5.00+vat A PENpal is required to access the audio on this product.