Do you know what the words 'scuffle, 'gossip', 'gloomy' and 'hobnob' all have in common? They were all invented by Shakespeare. We owe this fellow a lot; he invented more than 1700 words that we use every day. Without him a 'bump' could be a 'dunf', an 'oomf' or a 'bapf', your bedroom might still be your 'chamber' and we would have no word for 'elbow', 'eyeball' or 'alligator'! Delve into the life of England's greatest playwright - the only story that Shakespeare left untold and the most exciting of them all.

  • Use as a stimulus to discuss topics ranging from drama and the history of theatre to the Elizabethan period and the English language
  • Explore the historical context behind Shakespeare's most famous plays
  • Adapt the story of Shakespeare's own life into a piece of theatre and perform it
  • Use the first person narrative to practice performing monologues and to develop oral skills

'Famous Biographies' delve deep into the past to explore the fascinating lives of people whose discoveries have shaped today's world. The first person accounts help to foster an early interest in the history by immersing the reader in a personal narrative. Vibrant illustrations, clear explanations and easy-to-read text make potentially complex subject matter accessible and engaging. A timeline sets the autobiographical narrative in context and invites cross-curricular discussion of social, political and cultural topics. 

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