Why do we call it a PENpal
Because this award-winning digital companion will introduce you to learning material in a uniquely customizable way; your own.  Touch the pen to a book, poster, learning chart, or sticky label and you will hear the content read to you. You can download pre-recorded material from our freelink software in over 52 languages, or record your own narrative, music or sound effects.

What child isn’t fascinated by the sound of their own voice?  Or wouldn’t like to hear a relative or a treasured friend reading to them?  PENpal makes learning both personal and fun. 

The technology behind PENpal is sophisticated, but we’ve kept the customer experience simple.  All PENpals are portable, durable, and easy to use.  They work by detecting micro bar code links that are wirelessly connected to audio files in your computer. With 4GBs you have over 250 hours of audio content, and an endless combination of possibilities. 

From personal reading to classroom education, this innovative audio-visual tool interweaves a revolutionary learning technology with a creative experience you won't soon forget.  Welcome to PENpal.

PENpal is a teaching tool that appeals to audio, visual and kinaesthetic learning styles.

Penpal is very easy to use. It needs just 3 steps to get going.

1. Switch on Penpal       2. Touch the start arrow printed in every book   3. Touch 'soundspots' on any page.
See what you can do on a page in Marek and Alice's (Polish) Christmas:
In Marek & Alice's Christmas, touch Grandad's violin and listen to the sweet music; touch dog and hear him speak in dogspeak; touch Marek and listen to him sing 'Silent Night'.
You can switch to 'Self Recording Mode (M)' and sing your own version of 'Silent Night'. Any time afterwards, you can hear both versions of 'Silent Night'!
PENpal enables teachers to contextualise content specific to their own class or pupils' needs.
Some books have sound spots hidden for users to discover; top corners of all pages are sound enabled to playback narrations in English with the appropriate language.
All books have dual language.  However if you wish to make your own talking book, use the free YouCreate software!
PENpal is a teaching tool that reaches all areas of the curriculum.
It is a part of the TalkingPEN family. For older students, try FotoPEN; for blind or partially sighted PENfriend, coming soon is VideoPEN.  (Museums use DiscoveryPEN)
They all work on the same core technology and all are able to play our books, posters, labels.
PENpal costs £75 plus vat. It includes two rechargeable batteries, 4GB sd card, usb cable, 100 self-recordable sticky labels and the suite of free software: YouCreate (enables you to make your own talking books posters etc which work with PENpal)   FreeLINK (currently has over 1000 free audio files in dual languages for our books) CreateLINK (allows you sound enable ANY book) ShareLINK (You can download each of these from our homepage)
There are accessories for PENpal: multi-coloured silicone sleeves, multi-coloured headphones with 5 way audio splitter, usb cables, 4GB sd cards. You can find them under PENpal Accessories.
Experience for yourself how PENpal works from the demonstration on the Homepage. Touch English and then the corner of the page and listen in English; select Polish and touch the same spot and now you will hear the text narrated in Polish.

To see our TalkingPENS in action, click here.

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