My Car Foundation Level CD ROM

Shall we make a blue car today?
Fit the doors, the wheels, the lights, the radio and the steering wheel. Then who will drive today - Mum or Dad? Let Mum drive.
Should we take Spot or leave him behind? Yes, only me today. We are going shopping. (Tomorrow go in the red car to the beach or why not make a yellow car for a trip to the countryside and see the different types of transport.)
Stop at the Butchers and let’s see what to get. Carry on to the flower shop afterwards.

The My House, My Car, My Clothes series of CD ROMs introduces children to three key topics: ICT, decision-making and language. The series is a ‘construction kit’ where children can build and personalise environments and characters from a reservoir of objects. They will love looking at all the options available, deciding what or who to put where and then seeing what the whole looks like.
Children can change and re-create, so that they have a new experience every time. They can make printouts of  different versions of their work to take home.
Chris Petty’s Plasticine models add a remarkable softness to the screen and Sarah Wicken’s animations are full of spontaneity. Use simple mouse clicks, drag and drop, to make models, print outs or watch videos.
Each title has fantastically fun games and activities, jigsaw puzzles, flashcards and counting puzzles.
All CD ROMs are in English and 10 other languages. For those with English as an additional language there are instructions in their home language. Or, why not simply listen to words spoken in other languages or learn to count in more than one language?  Just click the button to switch languages. Languages spoken are Arabic, Bengali, Chinese French, German, Japanese, Somali, Spanish and Urdu.

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