Macbeth Pack

This comprehensive kit is made up of resources to suit different learning styles. Every teacher needs different tools to inspire different students with this exciting Shakespearean play. Macbeth EAL is truly multimodal: students can choose various ways to approach the text and enhance their comprehension. It has a simplified text Macbeth book with audio on every page. The audio is narrated with great sound effects – “Let your ears open your eyes”.
There is a prize winning (Guardian Education Award) CD-ROM with brilliant animations, act by act... "visualise words and see the richness of text". For EAL students, supportive audio dual language helps to reinforce understanding and confidence. The synopsis, glossary, summaries of scenes, quotes game, an interactive map and an interview with the Bard are some key features in the CD Rom.. "Surprise people by quoting Macbeth in your normal everyday talk."  There are two versions of simplified text, giving progression.

Included are 4 great Collaborative Learning games - Character Connect 4, Two Minute Autobiography, Close look at Act One, Macbeth's Feelings - that will give insights about the play. Instructions of each game are also in audio dual language. And of course, with PENpal, students can record their voices - role playing, analysing, verbalising, enjoying the sound of narration.

Choose Macbeth since it is the only Age 15+ title that comes with so many features and linguistic support for today's classrooms with many EAL students. Native English speakers will also find hours of content with this Macbeth Kit.
Available in English only or English with Polish, Arabic, Sylheti (Bangladeshi dialect), Chinese (Cantonese), French, Somali, Albanian, Turkish or Urdu.

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