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NB You will need a PENpal to use this kit. Please purchase your PENpal separately.

TalkingPen KS2 Literacy Toolkit, is a groundbreaking audio-visual powerhouse full of ideas and resources for creative writing. The Toolkit with its highly visual charts, planning frames and task cards, has unique TalkingPen interactivity to engage and inspire all children to become storytellers.

The TalkingPEN allows for minimal text on the printed page, but with the extensive teaching content that can be heard in English and other languages, children can access guides and tips to help them gain confidence in planning and writing their own stories. Interactive hotspots act as prompts and powerful memory-joggers for pupils during individual and group work. Pupils will find the interactive visual and aural content inspiring, accessible and fun. Stimulating activities extend vocabulary and improve language skills.

Matched to the KS2 curriculum, the Literacy Toolkit consists of:

• a Story Mountain - How to structure a story from the opening sentence to the final summing up and closure of a story. There is key information on grammar and punctuation. Pupils can return to each section again and again listening to instructions at 6 different levels. Use the recording function of the pen to add content as a teacher or let the children record their own stories.

• a Book Review Guide - How do you write an interesting and informative review of a book you have read? The audio planning frame can be used as a memory jogger to remind pupils of all the details to include in a book report.

• 36 Task Cards for fiction analysis and interpretation - These can be used flexibly by teachers to set individual or small group spin-off activities related to fiction texts that are being used in class.

• 6 Non-Fiction Genre Charts and Planning Frames - These work with your pen and are photocopiable. They support the writing of Instructions, persuasive text, discussion, explanation, recounts and reports. There is audio available in Nepali & Polish at £25.00+vat each

• an Analysis tool of KS2 texts: 6 stories are included to be used in conjunction with the Fiction Text Analysis tool.  Ellie’s Secret Diary, Journey through Islamic Art, Jill & the Beanstalk, Yeh-Hsien, Hansel and Gretel & Ali Baba are the 6 books included with the pack. You can hear the stories in English with the pen and children can retell the stories incorporating the detailed guidance from the Story mountain chart.

The multimodal approach, together with the kinaesthetic nature of the resources, suits different learning styles. Each literacy resource has differentiation at two levels to support pupils over a wide range of ability.


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