LinguaTALK Spanish is an exciting new toolkit for the four years of KS2 and for early KS3.  It is a multi-sensory structured language course which enables children to progress from word level to text level with confidence.  It is fully compliant with the new programme of study for KS2 Languages.
The toolkit consists primarily of 31 sound-enabled laminated charts which are used in conjunction with the PENpal.  The teacher’s guide explains fully how lessons can be structured from the charts.  Each chart begins with a presentation of new language, ideal for the teacher to use with the whole class.  The audio that the class will hear has been narrated by native speakers, and therefore provides them with an excellent model for their pronunciation and intonation.  Following this there are several interactive practice activities, which the class can do together or which children can work on in pairs or small groups.
LinguaTALK is ideal for the non-specialist primary teacher who may lack confidence in their language skills, particularly in their speaking.  It also provides a useful way of upskilling Year 7 learners who have studied a different language in KS2.  It promotes both independent and collaborative learning and helps children to learn at their own pace.  Children can use the charts and the PENpal to practice the language at any time, very useful when time on the timetable is so precious.
As well as the A3 charts and the PENpal, the toolkit contains an e-version of the charts for use with the interactive whiteboard, if teachers prefer to present the language this way.  There is also software for creating talking flashcards, mini-books and posters and voice-recordable stickers for labelling objects in the classroom and dice.  The sound-enabled bilingual dictionary will help children to develop their dictionary skills and their vocabulary.

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