Key Terms for English Chart

Shortlisted for the NASEN award for ICT Inclusivity, this multilingual resource provides over 8 hours of definitions, explanations and examples of key terms taken from the English National Curriculum for Key Stages 3 and 4. As useful for native English speakers as it is for EAL students, the "Key Terms" series helps students quickly assimilate key concepts and terms.

These resources are particularly useful for new arrivals, allowing students to access key terms in their native language. With this PENpal enabled poster, teachers can quickly assess new students: simply select a language then touch the pen to the words that you would like to hear explained.

NB You will need a PENpal to hear the audio content of this chart.

Languages available are Arabic Czech English Farsi French Lithuanian Mandarin Panjabi Polish Portuguese Russian Slovakian Somali Spanish Sylheti Turkish Urdu & Yoruba

For more "Key Terms" posters, take a look at our Key Terms in Maths, Geography and Science.

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