EAL Talking Dictionary KS3

Children at secondary school who may have English as a second language find coping with complex subject terms difficult. That is because they may not understand the fundamental concept so how could they be expected to articulate the idea in a foreign language? Well, the Subject terms dictionary for ages 9 to 14, could be the solution. By touching a term the user can hear it defined, explained or even exemplified in say Polish. Thereby they would naturally grasp the meaning and context of the term. Terms in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Maths and English. Touch the same term again with PENpal or FotoPEN and it will speak in English. Students gain understand in their home language and then can practice explaining it in English! Remember, the key feature in our TalkingPENs is that the user can record their own voices as well. So the teacher can add commentary in the context of what is being taught in class or the student can also practice their pronunciation.

You can add languages onto your pen. The languages available are Polish, Lithuanian & Sylheti. Once purchased they will appear in your section on FreeLINK to download onto your pen.

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