CreateLINK Pro

Create Link Pro is a software tool that enables you to add sound to ANY book or poster. Sound enable all your favourite books are in your libray! Teachers or story tellers or parents can record their reading and children can listen or even practice their own voice narrations on ANY BOOK!! You can add narrations, music, sound effects - there is no limit to how creative you can be. And it does not have to be books. You can sound enable any object! Some schools have used CreateLINK Pro make a sound trail around the school or playground, add sound to objects for learning French or Sopanish or even make personalised talking posters to display around school.

So what do we need: You need our Recordable sticky labels (400 stickers for £10) and a digital voice recorder. Take a project or publication. Lets assume you want to narrate a picture book. Read each page and save your narration of each page as an mp3 file. Also make a recording of the Title, the author, illustrator, publisher etc. Anything you wish. Then start entering into CreateLINK Pro.

Then connect PENpal through usb to the computer, press continue and all the mp3 files with sticker information are compiled and automatically installed into the pen.

So, how is Createlink PRO different from just using PENpal to record on to the labels stuck on every page? Yes you can record onto any label but then anyone can overwrite your recording. A teacher may have spent hours making their MP3 files. They would be very disappointed if someone accidentally recorded over their work. CreateLINK was made to avoid this. No mp3 made through CreateLINK can be over-written without permission! All CreateLINK files work on the 'publication (blue) light mode of PENpal.

What is the difference between CreateLINK and CreateLINK Pro? With Pro you define your publication with a 'Start Arrow'. (Remember, for PENpal, Start Arrows are like isbn unique numbers defining the book). CreateLINK keeps all your recordings of all your books under a folder defined by the project title/Start Arrow. You can therefore send your recordings to others. More important, students can still make their own recordings on the same stickers as in the book you stickered and their recordings too are stored in the project title folder. If you plan to sound enable one or two books, just use the free CreateLINK. If however, you are thinking of sound enabling many books in your library, then you will need Start Arrows and therefore CreateLINK Pro. If you want any book to be read in two or more languages, then keep the same stickers for every page, just add a start arrow for the second language. Now if you really like a book, you can have three, four, five Start arrows for different languages! You don't ruin a page since each page would still have the same one sticker.

The software is installed via a self-extracting utility and contains a comprehensive, context-related help system to guide you through the major features of the software.

CreateLINK is free and we recommend you try this first. CreateLINK pro costs £65 for a single User and £125 for 5 computers and £200 for a 'whole school site licence" If you purchase CreateLINK Pro, we will send you an .exe file to install into your computer.