A Child's Dream

Time and time again, research has proven that children’s writing improves drastically when they are involved in deeper-level thinking around global issues, whether it’s acting for the environment, considering the structures that perpetuate global poverty, or contemplating what should be a child’s right. 
Today, the conflict in Syria and the ensuing movement of people fleeing their homes to safety away from violence and conflict has triggered considerable global debate. Out of Place / Far from Here is a creative writing project that invites children in Syria and the UK to take part in the debate, voicing their own experiences, thoughts and feelings through creative writing. The resulting pieces reflect a wisdom and empathy from our children that we adults would do well to learn from. 
This is one of the winning entries by Yusef Al Kahal, illustrated by Masa Abu Shaleh.
A £1 contribution from each sale will be donated to the Syria Non Violent Movement.

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