Audio Travel Phrase Book

An 80 page Phrase book with over 300 phrases and 400 keywords arranged thematically - Accommodation, Travel, etc.

Included are 29 blank pages with “soundspots” to record your own audio experiences - new phrases, names of places, restaurants, memory aids, practice accents, etc.

All text is in English and you buy whatever language you need for your PENpal

This book can be used with audio sounds in English, French, Italian, Mandarin and Spanish.

Download the language into TalkingPEN and touch any of the English phrases and the PEN will speak out in the chosen language. The last 29 pages are blanks with six soundspots on each page. These are for personalising your experience. Record music, conversations, names of good restaurants, places to avoid, friends names and birthdays... anything you wish on to the sound spots. Make hand written notes or stick in photographs and soon you will have a rich audio visual diary of your holiday experiences. Far better than a video or DVD since you can retrieve sound clips instantly, anywhere.

“A brilliant invention for instant communication” Michael Howitt, American traveller to Paris.

Book £5.00

Audi £5.00

PENpal £75.00+vat