Lingua TABlet with School Admissions App

The School Admissions App runs on LinguaTABlet and enables teachers and school staff to collect details of new arrivals, or those  who have difficulty with English, easily and effectively. It is far cheaper than paying for interpreters to come to your school. The completed questionnaire can be saved, emailed or printed out. When pupils transfer class or school, the information can be easily transferred with them.

The App works as an audio form-filling tool: Parents select their home language and listen to a set of nested questions. 

They touch the answers (written and spoken in their home language) and the App automatically fills in the corresponding  field in English.  Complex and sensitive questions are asked in a friendly and accurate way using human translations and voices.

There are 67 key questions each with several permutations of answers. The form is thematically arranged with questions.

  You can save information on contacts in cases of emergency, and information about the pupil including: 

  • Languages and fluency
  • Medication and allergies
  • Dietary requirements
  • Religion
  • Community links
  • Homework and other information to support the pupil
  • Pupil's interests

The large screen tablet is segmented into two columns; English and the home language to provide clarity to both parties.


         select language              screen with Cantonese       

The App has 67+ core questions in an ever growing list of languages including Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Hungarian, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, Sylheti (Bangladesh)…

LinguaTABlet has a 10 inch screen and is light weighing 1.2kg but robust. It has usb re-chargeable batteries and has all the usual functions of a typical tablet: internet connectivity, gps, speech to voice…

LinguaTABlet + School Registration App. Price: £350.00 + vat

Coming soon the Assessment App