Tech Training for EAL


Mantra Lingua are sponsoring the Cross LA_EAL forum in Havering and will give a workshop
"How to Give and Recieve infomation about your school and EAL parents, and gather Evidence for Reporting".
The event on Tuesday 17 April 2018. Please contact us for more information and programme.

"We will be presenting the benefits of the 'Dual Language Audio Questionnaire' which provides numerical analysis for evidence reporting," says Robene Dutta, "Along with our Pupils Admission App, the Welcome booklet. Each participant will be given 1 free Language of both the PAA and the WBA for their school.

Not related to the event, here are some key HOW TO videos that you may find helpful: 

1.   Switching on PENpal       

2. Charging PENpal

3.   Listening to a book

4. Changing languages 

5. Changing volume

6. Using Key Phrases

7. Using FreeLINK

8. Add sound to any book

9. Making your own Poster

(Photo is from a 3 hour workshop at EMAS Winchester in January 2018)


Please contact for booking information
Kate Clynes, t: 0208 44 55 123 x107  e:

Note to EAL Support Services
We are happy to come to your training day and run a basic PENpal course as a bolt-on to your programme. If this is of interest, please contact Kate Clynes. (
We would need an audience of minimum 15 attendees to cover our costs and half transport costs if outside London.