YouEdit is our way of giving you power over our resources.

Do you need one of our titles in a language that we don't cover? Then this system enables schools, community groups, councils or universities to add text in Mantra's growing list of talking books.

The process is very simple: we provide you with a temporary password, which would enable you to open the book and type in your content. Using the PagePlus DTP system, which is the most popular system used in schools, the user can add text in the language of their choice. For example, the school could choose, The Three Billy Goats Gruff, and parents or their community could provide the translation. This is a great way to engage parents and get them involved with their children's learning. By having the picture on the page you can adjust the text so that it fits just right.

When you are ready, we would print to the same high standard of our normal books, and of course each page would be sound-enabled to use with your PENpal. Then just wait for delivery! You will have to order a minimum of 5 copies at £8.50 per copy (our books are normally £8.50 each). Therefore, for £42.50, the school or community or eal co-ordinator would have enough books to solve short-term problems of accessibility.

There are so many occasions upon which councils or schools suddenly face a demand for dual language books, for a group of new arrivals. Enfield Council, for example, recently came up against a sudden need for Bulgarian text with English titles.

So why not start straight away: fill in the form below, specifying which title you want and what language. This must be a language we do not offer for the title at the moment.  Or, for more information, please contact