Work with us

1 YEAR FULL TIME VACANCY for an experienced Primary School Teacher or Consultant who can develop and advise on learning resources using the Mantra Lingua Technology (LinguaTAB, PENpal, viVOS Artframe, e-Grammar Tales software) in the EAL, SEND and/or G&T area. Please contact with a cover letter explaining how you could extend the value to our range of products. We will then send you a job description from which you can send us your detailed CV and other relevant documents.


We are always keen to work with talented writers, translators and illustrators.


We are looking for translators who can also narrate in a way that excites and engages children. Translators should be proficient in their own language and in English and should be able to critique their own work constructively. Projects currently in the pipeline need translators for Bengali/Sylhethi, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malayalam and Polish, Panjabi, South American Spanish. However, we are always looking for good translators in all languages. You could be a teacher or parent or someone who has recent experience working with children and has the confidence to talk to children. You will need to live near the London area you will be able to come to our studios to narrate your translations; otherwise you should have your own audio recording facilities. Please send your CV to

Right now we are looking for Polish, Lithuanian, Bulgarian and Romanian speakers who can narrate our learning games in the Collaborative Learning category.


We welcome submissions from illustrators but we do set high standards, since artwork is one of our assets. The material most preferred are watercolours, gouache, pencils or sophisticated programmes such as Corel Painter 12. We do not like clip art, cartoon style. If you are a published illustrator who has had rights returned, do let us know. We may be interested in reviving your work if it fits with our current genres or our developing genre, "world books". If you have illustrated a whole book and are looking for publishers, then also contact us. Finally, we are looking for content for our YouCreate line. This is a means of sharing risk. If you are willing to make a series of illustrations on a certain concept, such as "bullying", YouCreate becomes a place where users can take your illustrations and make their own storyline. For every book that is published you will get a royalty. To find out more please contact

Writers and Creators

We are happy to accept manuscripts and product suggestions providing they fit within the current genres as set out in "advanced search". Right now we are looking to populate our viVOS Library and the Collaborative Learning Games Resources. If you have any ideas that work in a classroom and want to share them across the globe, then write to us. The viVOS Artframe adds sounds and games to any A3 artwork. Have a look at the library for ideas as a guide. Any work that you create will be acknowledged to you and/or your school. Talking pictures or graphic novellas that fit onto one page, photos or mindmaps, musical notes...The possiblities are endless and easy to create. Please contact for futher information on how to get involved.

Or if you wish to create content for the Collaborative Learning Games Library, please have a look at the types of subject matter involved. These are subject and age range based and are chargeable. You can earn royalties on any sales that can occur across the world. Please submit your concepts and we will validate them as appropriate for both libraries.