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New German Operations and Website

At the Frankfurt Bookfair 2017 we launched our German Region operations with German based books and a new website, de.mantralingua.com
Here is the press release we used. You may find what we say about ourselves interesting.

With millions forced to flee Syria’s civil war, the recent wave of migration presented Western Europe with an enormous social challenge. But for Germany, which welcomed over a million refugees in the last two years, it was a particularly acute one: how do you assimilate new arrivals into the country and ensure they are valuable long-term contributors?
One publishing house that is entering Germany believes it has the answer. Mantra Lingua is a publisher of dual-language children’s books and digital resources. Its product range spans German and as many as 65 other languages spanning nearly every corner of the world.
“Our ambition is to help the country avoid the challenges it faced half a century ago,” says Mantra Lingua’s Regional Manager Olav Stahl, referring to an immigration policy that saw hundreds of thousands of Turkish immigrants invited to fill labour shortages with little attempt to help them learn German or build their prospects. “Chancellor Angela Merkel said in 2015 that the country should seek to integrate migrants from day one. Now her government has focused on language and vocational training to help 1.2 million new arrivals. We want to be part of that effort too.”

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Dual-Language "Welcome to Our School"  App in English with 30 languages



Passing on vital information to parents is key to pupils succeeding in school. With this in mind, Mantra Lingua has developed a web App for you to create your own personalised school handbooks. You specify the term dates,

half-term breaks, parent-teacher evenings, school policies, and advice on how to get more involved with your school. Parents will continuously want to refer to their handbooks in order to gain an understanding of how your school works and the role that they can play.
You can print the PDF that you create. You can also place it on your school website for instant access.

We researched over 40 existing Welcome booklets and asked EAL consultants and co-ordinators.

"I love this! You have so clearly thought about what it is like to be a new parent. There is a clear sense of covering what a parent would want to know..." Erica Field, Rochdale EMA Service.

Please tap here or on the image on the right and watch a short video. 

The web App works by filling in an English-only e-form. Enter names, photos, select from a number of options and add all the data that you need. You can save and amend, and at any time select a language, and then print out in dual-language format or email as a PDF. For example, you could have one booklet for the whole school, but enable individual class teachers to open it to change the page about their class. Show real-time photos, add class photos, teachers' photos…

The web App has the unique feature of enabling you to add your own text that is very specific to your school. For example if you want to say something specific about 'bullying' there are text boxes for you to write in. If you wish to have this translated, by humans, in any of over 100 languages, you can do so with our Translations App shown below.

This means that the App is not only personalised to your school but also personalised to every classroom.

Price: The App comes as a site licence for the whole school per language, meaning that anyone at school can use it.  If you order 1 dual language edition the cost is £20 per year. If you order between 2 and 10 editions the price is £10 per year per dual language. For 11 or more language editions the cost is £5 per year per dual language. This means that for multiple copies the price comes down significantly. Please contact brandon@mantralingua.com for more information.


To order click here

Available now in English with Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Czech, Farsi, Hungarian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Panjabi, Polish, Romanian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish or Urdu, as well as English only. Keep an eye out for more languages to come.




Translation App: Translate, by Humans, your English Text in 100 languages!


You may need just a sentence or paragraph translated on many occasions. This breakthrough solution demands no minimum charge, and will send a word doc with English and the home language to you within a maximum of 3 working days. For example, if you wished to add a paragraph to the Welcome School form mentioned above, you could just copy and paste it into the Translation App. Then select the language(s) you need and click send.

Once you receive the Word doc, copy and paste it back into the Welcome App or any other document you are preparing. And you can use the same phrase over and over again!

Prices are fixed, regardless of language. £0.10 per word. We ask that you should try send us a sentence at least if possible. Remember, we use humans and not computers. Indeed for many of our home languages, such as Somali, Dari, etc, there is no "Google Translate". You can send us a Purchase Order with your sentence or if you like you may send an advance and draw down from it.

For further information, please contact brandon@mantralingua.com


Dual Language "Subject Terms" Dictionary for Secondary Schools

Subject Terms in English with Sylheti, Polish, Lithuanian, Panjabi and more.

650 key terms defined and explained orally in English and the Home Language. The subjects covered are English, Maths, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics. Please tap on the image on the right and watch a short video. 

Each dictionary is packed with information, explanations, and drawings, and is easily searchable. Teachers or students can personalise any term with their own notes, and share their comments with others. Academic English sentences, sample questions, and so on can be added by the tutors and shared with all students. Teachers can also check student's access to the audio Dictionary : when opened, what they are struggling with, how often they use and so on.

Price: £12.50 single user licence per year. For multiple copies the price comes down significantly. Please contact brandon@mantralingua.com for more information. English and Lithuanian, Panjabi, Polish and Sylheti (Bangladesh) are ready to buy now, Arabic and Urdu will be ready at the end of December 2016. Other languages coming soon are Romanian, Latvian, and Spanish.
Click on the link to go to the dual language e-book "Quick Shop". Then enter "Subject Terms" on the Search Bar.

An English only version is also available for children with Dyslexia or those who prefer aural rather than textual learning.

Oriel Davies Art Exhibition: Dual Language Interpretation in Welsh and English


The Mantra Lingua DiscoveryPEN system was awarded the contract to provide digital interpretation in Welsh and English for this travelling exhibition. "After the success of flora at Oriel Davies the exhibition starts its tour to three venues across Wales. The exhibition is an exploration of the significance of contemporary art through flowers and includes artists; Emma Bennett, Michael Boffey, Anya Gallaccio, Ori Gersht, Owen Griffiths, Anne-Mie Melis, Jacques Nimki, Yoshihiro Suda and Clare Twomey."

This is what the promoters said. "Staff at Aberystwyth are delighted with how easy the PENS work and the whole system."
You can watch a short video of the instructions using the DPEN system which we always make specifically for our clients. Please click on the picture. The requirement was for the visitor to include Visually Impaired people, so we made sound enabled swell paper cards and bright medallions which are stuck next to each exhibit or object.

Connecting children in Syria with children in Tower Hamlets, London

"A Child's Dream" is a new e-book in Arabic and English, with pictures, narrations and commentary by children.

"Time and time again, research has proven that children’s writing improves drastically when they are involved in deeper-level thinking around global issues, whether it’s acting for the environment, considering the structures that perpetuate global poverty, or contemplating what should be a child’s right. Today, the conflict in Syria and the ensuing movement of people fleeing their homes to safety away from violence and conflict has triggered considerable global debate. A Child's Dream is a creative writing project that invites children in Syria and the UK to take part in the debate, voicing their own experiences, thoughts and feelings through creative writing. The resulting pieces reflect a wisdom and empathy from our children that we adults would do well to learn from."

This project is run by the Tower Hamlets Schools Library Service (London), the Hurrass Network (Syria), and HEC Global Learning Centre (London). This book is from one of the winning entries.

You can buy the e-book here. £2.50 (price includes VAT) for a single user one year licence. (£1.00 will be donated to the project)

Reading Together in English (new dual language ebooks)


It requires skills for a parent to read a book together with their child. Good parenting is tough at the best of times, and when a child brings home a book from school to share, there are some basic things every parent must know.

This book is designed to help and encourage parents to support their child to learn to read. English may be their first language, but how to read, what questions to ask, and where to read are vitally important. For parents who are new to English, the problem becomes greater: how to stay in touch with what the child is learning and doing at school? This book has 22 key Questions that the parent can talk about with their child, and things that they may want to say to the teacher. The book comes in English, and in English with ten languages for EAL Parents. Every text, even in other languages, is read out loud, so the book is still accessible to parents who are not entirely comfortable reading English.

Written by and created for the Equalities Team at Rochdale Borough Council, the 'Reading Together in English' series is the outcome of a project that included parents, children, and teachers in Rochdale, with all the illustrations drawn by children in primary and secondary schools.

Says Erica Field, project leader, "We've got one of our new arrivals and asylum coffee sessions coming up. Some of the parents who attend these were instrumental in why the book was produced in the first place. They were consulted along the way so we are very excited to find out what they think of the live product! All the art work in the book was produced by bilingual Primary and Secondary pupils in Rochdale. Some of these pupils are asylum seekers, some international new arrivals and some are second/third generation. This book has been a real joint project and makes me very proud of our families and schools. Mantra Lingua were so supportive in helping us do this. Thank you so much."

The title comes in English, and in English with ten dual-language editions (English with Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Czech, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Slovak, Spanish, and Urdu).
Click here to watch a short video of 'What's Inside'.
The books are FREE for those who have ordered any of the e-book Library Collections. Otherwise, each costs £2.50 for one year's single user licence.

To order click here

Arthur Conan Doyle Museum uses PENpal.

The museum is designing a travelling display on the creator of Sherlock Holmes, using PENpal as the key technology. Robene met with the team for a brainstorming session to discover all the different ways the display could be created. An essential requirement was that blind and partially-sighted visitors would have a rich experience and deep understanding of this iconic figure in English literature. Ideas such as tactile wall panels, big books, enormous books, and sound-enabled objects were explored. The Display should be launched at the beginning of 2017.

"Thank you so much for delivering a very thought-provoking and dynamic tutorial/presentation. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and are swimming in ideas. I know I have a much clearer idea about the technology and understand how versatile a tool the pen can be. I can't wait to get stuck in to the design of the exhibition and to explore the various methods of implementing audio description." Russell Olson, Project Leader.

We run OPEN DAYS at our offices for visitors to try out our PENpals, Talking Books, ViVOS Arframes etc. If you would like to attend, please contact robene@mantralingua.com for further details.

e-books series "Key Terms in Maths in 12 dual languages" with audio in home languages

Many students, and their parents, may not have sufficient command over English to understand relatively complex terms such as "symmetry" or "equilateral" and so on. Traditionally, they had to resort to reading text in bilingual dictionaries, or PDF printouts from the web. This series of e-books is radically different, since students can listen to complex terms explained in their home language first.

The "Key Terms in Maths" series of e-books is published in English with the following languages for children 10+:

Bengali/Sylheti, Farsi (Dari may understand), French, Lithuanian, Panjabi (Mirpuri may understand), Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Slovakian, Turkish, and Urdu.

They will also soon be available in Romanian, Arabic, and Latvian.

The terms are explained orally in English and other languages. Since you are not bound by limitations of 'space' for text, each term can be defined, explained, and in many cases have examples, so that a clearer understanding of the concept is possible. Add to this the ability to make or share your personal notes on each term, and summary diagrams visually demonstrating each term, and the e-books become a dynamic way to build understanding. Students can also try to express their understanding in academic English so that there is a degree of personalisation.
Please watch this 2 minute video to get a better insight into the power of audio and visuals over text.

Each e-book in this series costs £3.50 per year for a single user. If multiple languages are ordered, please contact brandon@mantralingua.com for details.
If you for instance order 10 copies of the English - Lithuanian, the price comes down to £2.75 per book for one year. (This is cheaper than photocopying pages of PDFs, and the ebooks will never get lost or dog-eared!)

Other titles in the Key Terms Series are Science, Geography, and English.

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Nursery Pack 1

The Nursery Pack has been compiled specifically for your EYFS needs.
The resources included in the pack have been carefully selected to maximise learning through speaking and listening.

Each Pack contains:

Talking Phonics Pack 1 including PENpal.
PENpal (talking pen)
Audio Labels
Touch, Listen, and Learn interactive flip chart book
Talking Dictionary
Minibook Creator

+ 4 Big Books for group storytelling.

Improving speaking, listening & reading skills"

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Launched in January 2016! Kitaboo Library of 400 dual language e-books for ipads, androids, mobiles and computers

The KitabooCLUB is the world's largest collection of dual language e-books in English and 35+ languages.

Each book comes with lots of features: among them listening to the story in the home language first, understanding the story, watching a short video using the same pictures, and then listening to the story page by page in English. 
Please click on the picture to watch a short video of all its capabilities.

For further information on the KitabooCLUB, please click here.

Help to Surrey Libraries

Surrey County Council, UK, has 52 libraries with over 12,500 audio books. The libraries had a problem: elderly and visually-impaired people found it very difficult to read text on the spine of the packaging. The text was too small and had to be read running upwards! It would be far better, they thought, to give the person the equivalent of a PENfriend so all they had to do was touch the label on the spine to listen to four things: the title, the author, the name of the narrator, and importantly the 'blurb'. With so many titles, the blurb is one key factor in choosing an audio book. We have been working with Surrey for over a year, and very soon in December they will be launching this service.

Please click on the picture below to see a short video of the service.  If you are from another council, please inform your library of the Surrey County Service and they can contact us at: rob@mantralingua.com


Outdoor graffiti-proof personalised welcome posters

Outdoor Schools Welcome Poster. A great way to break the ice with parents who do not speak English and can be rather scared of schools, is to show that your school cares. The multi-lingual WELCOME POSTER is now available for outdoors; it is printed onto an aluminium base and can be screwed into walls. The poster can withstand rain and sunlight, and is also grafitti resistant. We customise it with your school's name and logo, and can also add a QR code for parents to access your website through their smartphones. Each customised poster costs £200 + vat, and you can order by contacting henriette@mantralingua.com.

The word "Welcome" comes in 30 languages. This is just one of our personalised poster series with various designs. Using the free software YOUcreate, you can also have it in your own artwork, which can be mounted on various substrates for indoors and outdoors. The ones for indoors can be sound enabled with PENpal.

Interns make audio visual publications for viVOS

Alice Corile is from Mill Hill County High School. She is on a two-week internship with us. She has authored two publications: 'Rocks' and 'Properties & Characteristics of Materials'.
Alice researched, drew the artwork, scripted, and narrated the content. Then, using viVOS software, she made her first audio publication in about 45 minutes! This is an impressive piece of work which Alice wanted to share with others. Please go to the viVOS library, search 'Rocks', and download the .jpeg of the artwork and the .tp1 for the audio. Print the A3 picture and take as many copies as you need. Install the .tp1 into your viVOS Artframe and start playing and learning.
Alice's smartphone came to good use in this project. She made all the voice recordings on it with the free app, 'HIqmp3' (androids) 'Voice Record Pro' (ipads/iphones), which converted these into .mp3, and installed them into her artwork. Then she made a video of the two publications, and with Camtasia posted the two previews on this page. Enjoy and try.
Alice is working on her next publication, 'Food Chain', which has a Jigsaw game!

Anisha Nag is also an intern from Montreal's McGill University Year 1. Anisha is compiling a number of publicationss conceived and designed by  Storyteller Manju Gregory. Manju believes in bringing craft back into learning materials. Do have a look at the 'Food Classification' publication - a great way for children to make their own hard copy, with scissors and paste, and then play back audio on viVOS. There is a game attached to test their knowledge. Just download the various jpegs, print as many copies as you wish, and install the .tp1 file into your viVOS free. Other pubs are 'Roman Ablutions' and 'WW2 Evacuation'. Manju is working on 'Henry VIII's Digestive System' and 'Words and Sayings inherited from Shakespeare', all for the primary school age range.  She has authored several Mantra Lingua books - 'Jill and the Beanstalk', 'Hansel and Gretel', 'Exploring Indian Crafts', and 'Fire Across the Street'.



Talking Sex for Teenagers, Outdoor Welcome Signs, Three free pubs for Your viVOS

"Relationship Conversations - Sexual Violence and Exploitation". Rochdale EMAS translated this publication into Urdu, Sylheti, Slovakian, and Portuguese, with questions like: "How would you know if you or someone you know was being sexually exploited in a relationship?", "Can it be love if your partner gets jealous and calls/texts you constantly when you go out without them?" etc. There are 48 questions and issues printed on cards and published by charity, Brook (www.finkcards.com). Mantra Lingua has PENpal-enabled the translations, and you can get an idea of the effect by watching this video. For further information on ordering or adding more languages, please contact henriette@mantralingua.com or Erica.Field@Rochdale.Gov.uk

Macbeth EAL Kit

This comprehensive kit is made up of resources to suit different learning styles. Every teacher needs different tools to inspire different students with this exciting Shakespeare play. Macbeth EAL is truly multimodal: students can choose various ways to approach the text and enhance their comprehension. It has a simplified text Macbeth book with audio on every page. The audio is narrated with great sound effects – “Let your ears open your eyes”.
There is a prize-winning (Guardian Education Award) CD-ROM with brilliant animations, act by act... "visualise words and see the richness of text". For EAL students, supportive dual language audio helps to reinforce understanding and confidence. The synopsis, glossary, summaries of scenes, quotes game, interactive map, and an interview with the Bard are some key features in the CD Rom. "Surprise people by quoting Macbeth in your normal everyday talk."  There are two versions of simplified text, giving progression.

Included are 4 great Collaborative Learning games - Character Connect 4, Two Minute Autobiography, Close look at Act One, and Macbeth's Feelings - that will give insights about the play. Instructions for each game are also in dual language audio. And of course, with PENpal, students can record their own voices - role playing, analysing, verbalising, and enjoying the sound of narration.

Choose Macbeth since it is the only Age 15+ title that comes with so many features and linguistic support for today's classrooms with many EAL students. Native English speakers will also find hours of content with this Macbeth Kit.
Available in English only, or English with Polish, Arabic, Sylheti (Bangladeshi dialect), Chinese, French, Somali, Albanian, Turkish, or Urdu.

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Macbeth CD Rom Demo


New Arrivals Starter Pack

Our new Starter Packs are a quick start for the new pupil with little or no English. The Starter Packs come in 33 language options and in two age groups: 4 to 7 and 7 to 10.  Each pack has a PENpal fully loaded with all the language audio files, a dictionary, and three story books, all in their own storage box. There is nothing simpler or more comforting to an EAL pupil than to switch on PENpal and listen in their home language.

Priced £110 makes a saving of £18.50!
Languages include: Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Czech, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Gujarati, Hindi, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Kurdish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Malayalam, Mandarin, Nepali, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovakian, Somali, Spanish, Tamil, Turkish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.

With PENpal's recording function, the pupil can also practise English Pronunciation, and leave their recordings on the pages; a great way to build confidence in speaking.

The PENpal in each language pack is already loaded with audio files for all books in the specified language. This includes not only the books in the pack, but all books from our list that are available in that language. For example, the PENpal in the Polish Starter Pack will be preloaded with over 70 audio files representing 70 books in Polish. That way, if you choose to buy any more Polish books from us, you will already have the audio loaded onto your PENpal, ready to go.

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If You're Happy and You know it ...

This award-winning series has been specifically designed for babies. It is a great introduction to books through well-known nursery rhymes and interactive text. Available in English with Arabic, Bulgarian, Burmese, Czech, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Panjabi, Romanian, Karen (language of a Burmese tribe), Spanish, or Vietnamese. Singing songs and rhymes is the perfect way to bond with your baby and share quality time. It also aids language development by introducing them to the natural sounds and patterns of speech. Combining these with actions also stimulates the brain and helps muscle development.

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A Day with Grandpa

A Day with Grandpa is a brilliantly illustrated book by Fiona Rose, winner of the prestigious D&AD14 award for new illustrators. Written in rhyme, this 'read, point and explore' book will raise more questions than it answers...

The book addresses two important issues - the relationship between children and their grandparents, and the steady increase of dementia - in a sensitive yet quirky way. It will soon be available in dual language editions printed in English with Polish, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Lithuanian, and Spanish. It is also TalkingPEN-enabled, and the audio files can be downloaded using our free software FreeLINK. At 28 x 28 cm, this beautiful softback book can be enjoyed by children alone, or with a loved one.

Take your child by the hand and enter an enchanted world where everything is possible for a day. Every page bursts with magical images that add extra meaning to the poetic story of a child and his grandad. Click 'read more' to gorge yourself on some of the wonderful illustrations, and see the magic for yourself!

LinguaTALK Spanish

An interactive toolkit for teaching KS2 Spanish with confidence and ease by Clare Seccombe

LinguaTALK Spanish is a multi-sensory structured language course that enables children to progress from word level to text level with confidence. It is fully compliant with the new Programmes of Study for KS2 languages: ideal for the non-specialist teacher as it gives a native-speaker model to follow in a structured learning process. It's also useful to the specialist teacher who may want to enrich her repertoire with new activities.

Clare is a Spanish and French Primary Languages teacher and MFL consultant. She is well known for her imaginative approach to language learning, and is on the Primary Languages Special Interest Group of ALL (Association of Language Learning).

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LinguaTAB School Admissions App & Tablet in 15 Languages

The admissions process can be a challenge for parents who are new to English and for staff trying to obtain key data.
This app works as a multi-lingual audio form-filling tool that collects essential data such as languages spoken, allergies, level of English, siblings, family, etc.
Print out the completed PDF form in dual language, or email to class teachers, administrators, or to follow-on schools. 
Click here to see an example of a form filled in English and Arabic.
Languages are: Arabic, Bulgarian, Czech, French, Hungarian, Kurdish, Lithuanian, Panjabi, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Somali, Spanish, and Sylheti (Bangladesh). Price £350 + vat for the 10in tablet with the Admissions App. The tablet is our high quality Android and will hold any apps, including the 'Assessments for EAL pupils' coming next year.
It has more features than that fruity tablet!

'How Schools Work' Personalised Poster in 23 Languages

Schools are always striving to communicate better with parents, especially parents who are new to English. This popular talking poster is a cross-section of a school, with audio in 26 languages.

It can now be customised with your school's name, logo, and QR codes on a weatherproof board. Use PENpal and listen to what happens in different areas of the school, including interacting with other parents in Polish, Urdu, Arabic, etc.
Please watch the linked video and contact
henriette@mantralingua.com for ordering details. You will need to send your school logo, the exact school name, and an optional QR code, if you want the poster to trigger your school's website on smart phones.
Price £300.00 + VAT

Personalised Welcome Poster in 35 Languages                                           Video

Personalise Your Welcome in Different Designs: Welcome to My School, My Classroom, My Class Students, Poster with 'welcome' in 35 languages. You can also have a poster introducing Staff through photos and voice! 
With our new 'YOUcreate Mobile' free software, you can make your posters in less than 5 minutes! We will send you the laminated poster within 5 days. These are no ordinary personalised posters. You can also record on them using PENpal. So, for example, on the Students Poster, each child can talk about themselves.
Click here and 'Mobile YOUcreate' will load directly onto PC, Mac, iPad, Android, Smartphone, or any device with internet connection. Then add text, photos, and backgrounds instantly.

Door size poster 32cm by 61cm. Price £7.50 plus P+P