What is Collaborative Learning?

Stuart Scott: Education Consultant

Collaborative Learning is a library of more than 100 sound-enabled games and activities designed to accelerate learning through dialogue, discussion and debate.
It is a series of cross-curricular activities designed to sharpen learning and foster shared communication. Each resource encourages children to work together, share ideas and build upon each others' thinking. Developed in partnership with education consultant Stuart Scott, courses are proven to help children retain information while improving communication and language skills. Children are encouraged to work in pairs or small groups and record findings using PENpal that can then be assessed by teachers.

Stuart has been collecting teacher created games and activities using the true 'Collaborative Learning'  principles over the last 30 years. We have reproduced them with great artwork, PENpal ready and professionally printed laminated boards (see Giant Turnip rhyming game board). Teachers can share their audio additions and comments on each game through our free 'ShareLINK' software.

You can access the activities in two ways once you have subscribed to the library.

Click here for a perpetual licence to all resources and get a FREE PENpal:

Once you have subscribed you can download the pdf content free from the web and print out on your local printer as many copies as you wish.
Or, to save money, you can buy professionally printed, sound enabled cards and laminated playing boards for greater durability. You will find that by the time you have colour printed out the pdf, laminated and playing cards cut, it is cheaper to buy a finished resource rather than to build. We recommend that you first look through the pdf pages of a game. The illustraions and game logic are all explained, along with learning outcomes.

The library also encourages sharing outcomes! For example, if you wanted a Polish version of an activity you may access it from the free ShareLINK software


ShareLINK is our free software that complements the new "Collaborative Learning" Library of Learning Activities. Collaborative Learning is based on learning through dialogue, discussion and debate, conversation and discovery in pairs or groups. ShareLINK allows schools to share their audio recordings related to any individual activity with other classes and schools.

We are enhancing the activities with different languages so that everyone, including those who do not speak English, to join in the learning fun.

Polish, Lithuanian, Romanian,  and other EAL children can listen to instructions and keywords before they start.

The simple but powerful software acts as a library of all the collective work on different activities and can be shared free of costs. For detailed information on the different activities please see the Collaborative Learning Library. Since activities are being added every day, please go to our website for the latest additions.Sharelink is only available to people who subscribe to the Collaborative Learning Library.
As the files are stored centrally on Sharelink, the work is always available for assessments by inspectors, and for future students.Collaborative learning is being used not only in subject specific areas but also in MFL and EAL.The software is free and we invite you to join the community.

There are two delivery options: free download/print pdf of activities or purchase professionally made ready to go activities:


  1. A school may wish to download and print as many activities as they wanted. (All you need to do is subscribe and register into the library. Then select the activities that you want and print them out using your school printers. There is no restriction on the quantity that can be printed. An activity may have playing cards, an A3 playing board and instruction manuals. We recommend that all components are laminated for durability since in-house printed paper is too light to withstand excessive handling. Where there may be board for games we further recommend that these are pasted onto a cardboard base.  If you wish the components to be sound enabled, then you would need to use our recordable stickers and attach them at the relevant places.

  2. The second option is for the school to buy an individual activity. Each activity is professionally printed on 300 gms card and sound enabled to work with the PENpal. A3 or A4 playing boards are laminated and the associated playing cards are delivered perforated to ensure each card cuts square. You can start using them instantly. 

We have found that although it seems attractive to download, print, laminate and cut-out the cards yourself, it is in fact cheaper to buy the activity and get a truely longer lasting professional output. The paper is replaced with laminated cards, print is picturebook quality and sound spots incorporated invisibly - no need for stickers.  The prices are very competitive to the costs incurred in Choice 1. As well as saving time and money, this option will allow schools to build a useful and attractive professionally produced Library. You will also be able to gain free access to the ShareLINK software system which further enhances collaboration among peers.