Mantra Lingua has the largest collection of talking printed books - more than 50 - and this list is growing. Each title has several language editions and presently there are more than 600 audio files in over 25 languages. As a special offer FreeLINK is our software that allows access to any of these files free of cost. These audio files normally cost between £2.50 and £3 each. FreeLINK enables you to pick and mix whatever files you need and download them easily into PENpal or RecorderPEN.FREElink is already installed on your pen, or you can download FREElink from here to your computer for PENpals or RecorderPENs.



CreateLINK is designed to give you, the teacher, the ability to create your own sound-enabled books and posters. Allocate your MP3 files to sound spots in CreateLINK and press "Transefer to PEN".
The Software will allocate the files to the sound spot you have selected and transfer it into your PENPal. Once this confirmation appears, you can touch the sound spot,sit back , listen.Easy!!

How CreateLINK works

  1. Start CreateLINK and you will see a screen with few input options these are your project name, language and the publication .This is where you start your project.
  2. Give this project a title and then select from the predefined range of soundspot profiles. For example, if you wish to enable sound on the Talking Photo Album that you have received (page 23), then select the Talking Photos profile in CreateLINK. Remember to periodically accept new upgrades of CreateLINK as new profiles are added.
  3. Make a list of all the audio files that you want to have in the publication you are creating. For example, in MFL, you may wish to have simple songs in French and Spanish. If you have a CD or use the Internet you can save the songs that you want and allocate one French and one Spanish song to one sound spot.
  4. Once you have allocated all the songs, press ‘GO’ . CreateLINK then compiles all the files with soundspots into one single file which is installed into your PENpal.
  5. Touch a soundspot that may be a sticky label, and hear the first song aloocated to it.



ShareLINK is our free software that complements the new "Collaborative Learning" Library of Learning Activities. Collaborative Learning is based on learning through dialogue, discussion and debate, conversation and discovery in pairs or groups. ShareLINK allows schools to share their audio recordings related to any individual activity with other classes and schools.
The simple but powerful software acts as a library of all the collective work on different activities and can be shared free of costs. For detailed information on the different activities please see the Collaborative Learning Library. Since activities are being added every day, please go to our website for the latest additions.Sharelink is only available to people who subscribe to the Collaborative Learning Library.
The fundamental principle behind collaborative learning is that learning occurs through discussion and debate, by speaking and listening. This project has a rich heritage over the last 30 years and Sharelink has developed the process of community building - be it between pairs of students in the classroom, between classes in the same year, or even between schools.
As the files are stored centrally on Sharelink, the work is always available for assessments by inspectors, and for future students.

Collaborative learning is being used not only in subject specific areas but also in MFL and EAL.The software is free and we invite you to join the community.

Early Years CD Roms

These award-winning CD Roms give children ‘construction kits’, allowing them to create their own environments. Decision-making is explored through ICT. Each CD Rom comes in English with 10 different languages, making them perfect to support EAL learners.
Children will adore the squidgy, textured illustrations that bring the characters to life. The CDs are a fantastic way for children to build their own worlds, developing mouse-skills and improving their interaction with computers.
Price for each CD-ROM is £15.00 + VAT.

Interactive Literacy CD Roms

A context-based approach to learning English. Ideal for EAL and ESOL, the structure of the programme is mapped against the English National Curriculum in UK.

Pupils watch a video of the story, complete with vivid illustrations from the original picture book, then take part in fun quizzes on reading and listening, comprehension, synonyms, prepositions, capitalisation, word endings, rhyming words, and much more. With the Storytelling function, students can even write their own stories using images from the CD-ROM.

Each Inter-Active Literacy CD-ROM comes with teachers' notes and whiteboard interactivity. Narrated instructions in a choice of eleven languages (Arabic, Chinese, English, Farsi, Polish, Portuguese, Somali, Spanish, Sylheti, Turkish and Urdu) make this the perfect learning tool for the multilingual classroom.
Price for each CD-ROM is £15.00 + VAT.


Title are available for KS1Title available for KS2
Buri and the Marrow
The Musicians of Bremen
The Three Billy Goats Gruff
The Elves and the Shoemaker
Don’t Cry Sly!
The Giant Turnip
Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Ali Baba and forty thieves
Hansel and Gretel
Jill and the Beanstalk
Not Again Red Riding Hood!
Pandora’s Box
The Pied Piper
Yeh-Hsien: a Chinese Cinderella


Minibooks Creator

Children experience the joys of authorship and publishing with this simple software. They make their own books, make their own audio for the books, and can build a display of the titles they have authored!

Place a picture - photo or your own drawing - on every page in the software, then print onto our special Storyfold Paper. This A4 paper will fold down to an 8 page book. Need more pages, just carry on and bind with a staple and tape. Or, if you want to make talking cards, don't fold down but just cut up the A4 paper into cards.
Each page is sound enabled with our TalkingPEN. So you have talking books or talking cards! Easy. Not only can children write their own books but they can also record and re-record their own narrations straight onto the pages.
Price for the Mini-Book Creator Pack is £80 plus vat. The Pack contains the Mini-Book Creator Software, a PENpal and one pad of STORYfold paper (50 pages).
Click here to get Minibooks Creator


YouCreate is our free 'desktop publishing' software that you can download onto your Mac or PC, and then use to create your own personalised publications. As the programme is on your own desktop, the process of adding and editing text and image (photographs, pictures or illustrations - anything you like!) is so much easier than other web-based systems.

YouCreate has the unique feature of ensuring that each page has at least two soundspots, so that you can add personal recordings using PENpal. This way, you have the tools to create something together as a group, class or even as a school. Pupils can make anything from subject-specific projects to photobooks of trips or special events. Whether yearbooks, storybooks or even project books - the skills developed in writing effectively and concisely, changing and positioning images, narrating audio and sound editing, and generally collating the three separate aspects together, will all be beneficial at both KS2 and KS3 levels.

Furthermore, once a publication is complete, you can send an electronic page-turning version by e-mail to various advocates: parents, experts, other classes and schools, inspectors etc, who could look through the work as an e-book. If you, as a teacher, think the quality is good, you can write to us to promote the publication to parents and sponsors. Of course, we'll ensure a special price to help the school gain a return to help with future projects.