Our Mission

At Mantra Lingua, our mission is:

   1. To find creative solutions, using simple to use printed and electronic devices, to solve problems in the education and communications arena. Our users have varied needs, from the blind and partially sighted, to children with disabilities, users with English as a second language, users wishing to learn another language and more.

In this regard we adhere to the following principles:

  • to celebrate differences, physical, gender, cultural and linguistic
  • to provide teachers with creative resources
  • to develop innovative teaching and creative learning techniques
  • to promote the value of bilingualism
  • to harmonise traditional teaching and technological innovation
  • to encourage cross-cultural activities 

  2. To see ourselves as publishers with a technological edge.

In this regard we wish to:

  • stay abreast of the latest developments in printing technologies and effectively convert these to our finished products
  • maintain our lead in sound enabling paper and board media